Here is the template for Reading Responses.


You can use it to respond to stories, TV shows or movies.

Reading Response template.pdf
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Reading Response - key words.pdf
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 Daily 5


Read to Self

Pick a good-fit book (not too easy, not too hard)

Stay in one spot

Keep your eyes on your book

Build reading stamina!

For how long can you read without stopping or becoming distracted?


Read to Someone

Sit EEKK (elbow to elbow, knee to knee)

Take turns reading stories to each other, or take turns reading each page

Let your partner try a tricky word before asking if they need help


Work on Writing

What do writers write? 


Picture Books


Thank-you letters





Listen to Reading

Ask someone to read to you

Listen to TumbleBooks

Listen to a story on Raz-Kids


Word Work

Practice your spelling - power words, spelling words, special words you find in the dictionary

Spell words on a whiteboard

write in silly letters

write with your opposite hand

spell words out using sign language